MesaEstándar Editores


Miguel Mesa and Juan David Díez

About the Publisher

This graphic design workshop and publisher of architecture, art and culture, brings together the experience of Mesa Editores and Taller Estándar. Both the workshop and the publishing house specialize in presenting the intellectual and artistic strengths of their authors or institutions. Hence, every publication or design acquires its own form. Their graphic design responds to brand identity, graphic systems, signage, archigraphy, illustration, book design, catalogs, magazines, posters, maps and printed pieces in general. On the publishing side, they do documentation, file construction, content evaluation, research, writing of texts, style correction, translations, photography, legal procedures and print supervision. In addition, they support the processes of art direction and exhibition designs, producing content, curatorship, graphic design, architectural or museographic design, and the supervision of production and mounting.

Feria ARTBO 2019

Español Link MesaEstándar Editores - ARTBO - Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá