Nómada Ediciones


Mónica Naranjo

About the Publisher

Nómada Ediciones is a self-managed Colombian publishing house that focuses on books of artists inspired by places, trips and cartographies. They are the silent mentor of these books, which emerge through the personal gaze of artists and illustrators. With them, the publisher seeks to represent the world in an intimate, poetic and affective way, capable of diluting, at least mentally, the political boundaries that divide them. Each book is dedicated to a specific geographical place and narrated mainly through drawing. In addition to their editorial work, they also maintain a research blog where collaborators from various disciplines participate: www.nomadaresearch.tumblr.com. They also conduct drawing workshops that seek to foster a sense of affection and belonging to the land.

Feria ARTBO 2019

Español Link Nómada Ediciones - ARTBO - Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá