Rat Trap


Carlos Felipe Velásquez Ávila

About the Publisher

Rat Trap is an autonomous cultural space where art and music converge. For five years, it has hosted dozens of workshops, exhibitions, concerts, residences, musical tours and served as a platform for the local and international artistic community to create, display and market their productions. As a cultural house dedicated to preserving creative autonomy over what is presented and edited in a space, it does not seek state and private incentives. Knowing that disciplines have their specific languages and their own history that advances and feeds on what has happened, they continually look for the right means, so that individuals who do not belong to a particular artistic circle, can relate to this type of experience.

Silk screen printing is a semi-industrial process commonly used in serial art processes. The features of the process make it possible to create multiple copies considered original. Pieces are offered at a very accessible price but retain their character of collection as they are framed in a limited series. This technique builds the language of this space and is considered the team's primary medium.

Feria ARTBO 2019

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