Revista Matera


Manuel Kalmanovitz

About the Publisher

Matera is a variety magazine. In its pages, there is a photo story containing drawings, collages and photos, accompanied by stories, poems and essays. It is complicated to define what it is, beyond its physical characteristics, since each issue has a theme. Perhaps it is easier to say what it is not: it is not a current affairs magazine or academic journal. It avoids the news, as well as scandalous and convoluted language. Its goal has been to see what happens when a great deal of talented and willing people get to dig into things that surround us or in the worries that persecute us. Since 2009, Matera has published sixteen issues and its catalog has grown to include two books currently under the Matera Libros label, as well as about a dozen fanzines under the Cuadernos de Matera label.

Feria ARTBO 2019

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