Taller Arte Dos Gráfico


María Eugenia Niño and Luis Ángel Parra

About the Publisher

The Taller Arte Dos Gráfico was founded in 1977 by María Eugenia Niño and Luis Ángel Parra. Since its beginnings, it has been the preferred publishing house for a hundred works of national and international artists, who have used the most varied techniques of graphic art. This, in turn, has allowed the Taller to possess a large and valued collection of artist's books, graphic projects and Colombian and Latin American prints. Artists such as León Ferrari, Eduardo Stupía, Antonio Samudio, Juan Lecuona, Antonio Seggi, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Beatriz González, Álvaro Barrios, Gustavo Zalamea, Teresa Pereda, Raúl Zurita, Carlos Garaicoa, Trixi Allina, Constanza Aguirre, Fernando de Szyszlo, Ricardo Benaim, Samy Benmayor and Lucia Morón, among many others, have become friends of the Taller. They have repeatedly come back for quality, the wide freedom to experiment and improvise, and to generate ideas and integrated projects.

Feria ARTBO 2019

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