This edition was curated by the editorial project NADA (Colombia), and presented 24 publishing houses that work with the book as an artistic object. The curatorial premise focused on the concept of the archive and included an exhibition called Collecting Images, Displaying Connections, curated by Pedro Torres (Brazil).

Collecting Images / Visualizing Connections
Curated by Pedro Torres (Brazil), the exhibition presented publications from artists who have used the printed format as a means of visualizing archives of images. The fundamental text of this exhibition was Aby Warburg’s Atlas Mnemosyne. The book established the framework for the reading of images through time, the archive work, and the recognition of meaningful relations between images. The idea was to establish a theoretical mechanism to revise history from a critical perspective through images, in order to generate conceptual relationships. 

About the use of an archive to create work
With the collaboration of public and private libraries, publications and images were copied and distributed among visitors. Inspired by the Atlas Mnemosyne, this public domain project offered participants the opportunity to build a publication with the copied material, based on organization and the conservation of information around a conceptual axis. 

Editorial encounters
For this edition, NADA brought together 24 national and international editorial projects who had the opportunity to strengthen their ideological, conceptual and trading relationships.

Participating publishers

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