Dialogues in Time: Charting Genealogies and Intersections of Gender by curator Pilar Tompkins was an exhibition that considered the relationships between the aesthetic concerns and engagements of twentieth century movements and the works of contemporary artists who explore feminism, gender theory and queer narratives. The curatorial premise was divided into four themes:

Stories of Abstraction: Domestic, Spiritual, Corporeal
Explored the relationship between intimacy and domestic space, and personal spiritualisms and landscapes through modern, notably geometric, constructivist and neo-concrete artworks.

Othered Bodies
Considered the notion of the Other, the separation and marginalization of those who do not adhere to the dominant norms of society, and whose bodies become sites for reading difference.

Tales of Intimacy
Included works that considered the ways in which gender is performed in private spaces. Whether homosexual, heterosexual, or autoerotic, artworks herein portray intimacy in both emotional and physical forms.

Doing and Undoing
Included artworks that explore the role of labor in art forms traditionally associated with women, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting or weaving, and its different symbolic connotations that may take the form of writing, or connectivity ritual that traces symbolic violence and exercises social healing.

Casas Riegner (Bogota, Colombia) - Miguel Ángel Rojas, María Angélica Medina, María Fernanda Plata, Leyla Cárdenas, Beatriz González.
Galería El Museo (Bogota, Colombia) - Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Beatriz Daza, Fanny Sanín, Luis Caballero, Débora Arango.
Espacio El Dorado (Bogota, Colombia) - Julieth Morales, Becky Meyer.
 Galería Jenny Vilà (Cali, Colombia) - Wilson Díaz, Juan Mejía.
Leon Tovar Gallery (New York, United States) - Fanny Sanín
Henrique Faría (New York, United States) - Yeni y Nan.
Instituto de Visión (Bogota, Colombia) - Carmen Argote, Miguel Ángel Cárdenas, Milena Muzquiz, Ofelia Rodriguez, Karen Lamassonne, María Evelia Marmolejo.
La Balsa Arte (Bogota, Colombia) - Isidoro Adatto Mandowsky.
Liberia (Bogota, Colombia) - Norman Mejía, Liliana Vélez, Karen Lamassonne.
Galeria Luisa Strina (São Paulo, Brazil) - Federico Herrero
mor charpentier (Paris, France) -Teresa Margolles, Hernando Toro Botero, Carlos Motta.
Rolf Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Liliana Maresca
SGR Galería (Bogota, Colombia) - Abdu Eljaiek
Vermelho (São Paulo, Brazil) - Iván Argote

Artists in collections:
Edgar Fabián Frías, Madorilyn Crawford, Guadalupe Rosales, Luis Brito, Sebastián Hernández en colaboración con Brenda Guevara, Marton Robinson, Victoria Santa Cruz, Maria de la Paz Jaramillo, Patricia Restrepo, Regina José Galindo.

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