This section included projects that stimulated the perception of the public in the fairgrounds through the installation of experimental and large-scale works. The works presented on Sitio transcended the traditional exhibition formats and sought to establish a close relationship with the space and the visitors. This year, the exhibition brought together installations of modern artists, works of relational art and contemporary projects designed specifically for the area.

Place On-Fold, 2016-2018 (Instituto de Visión - Bogotá, Colombia) by Carmen Argote (Mexico) is an installation composed of very fine clothing and pieces of muslin fabric that hang from a height of seven meters to the floor, and whose patterns are inspired by the photo archives of the Jardín de las Esculturas in Mexico. This work is the result of a series of previous actions in which the artist has cut the pieces that are now sewn to make the garments. For Argote, the cultural mixture of the indigenous with the Spanish materializes the idea of ​​the Mexican identity, and the action represents a movement between classes and a metaphor of miscegenation.

Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuela) is considered one of the most important exponents of kinetic and optical art in Latin America. Here, he presents Transcromía, 1967/2017 (RGR + ART - Mexico City, Mexico), an installation specifically designed for this space; the work is composed by a series of colored sheets that together create a labyrinth accounting for the behavior of color by subtraction. Throughout his career, the artist has focused on the chromatic composition and the perception of the viewer in front of the works (several of his projects explore the variation of color and the sense of movement generated in relation to the point of view of the viewer).

The artist Clemencia Echeverri (Colombia), winner of the Premio OMA al Arte 2017, presents Elegía, 2018 (Galeria Eduardo Fernandes - São Paulo, Brazil), a video installation that refers to memory, conflict and bodies forcibly forgotten by violence. The work confronts the viewer with an oppressive experience accentuated by the sound of the night, the murmurs and the machines that throw objects to the bottom of the earth.

Hacedores de lluvia/ Rainmakers, 2017 (Max Estrella - Madrid, Spain) by Miler Lagos (Colombia) is an interactive installation that consists of a rolling wooden ring, with five meters of diameter, suspended over a water mirror. It is activated when the public walks inside, and when the water reaches the highest point of the wheel, it falls in the form of rain, referring to the vital energy and the relationship of human beings with the environment and nature.

Ejercicio individual, 2017-2018 (Rolf Art - Buenos Aires, Argentina) by Silvia Rivas (Argentina) is a video installation from the series Momentum, which ponders on the idea of ​​time. Rivas confronts the viewer with a work that captures the moment that precedes something that happens: a fall to the void. The artist chooses the video as the medium to investigate and expose the precise moment in which all this action is concentrated.

Kiosco 2015-2017 (Casas Riegner - Bogotá, Colombia) by Angélica Teuta (Colombia) is an architectural installation that visualizes the lack of public spaces that create community. Teuta builds temporary structures using methods that specifically relate to the communities in which they are placed. At the inside of Kiosco, the video Pájaros, inspired by a fragment of Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds, is projected.

Sitio featured 6 ambitious, large-scale and experimental works that enhanced new ways of interacting for the visitors at the fair. This section also sought to create new market opportunities by showing works that transcended the booth format.

Video Sitio 2019

Participating artists


Angélica Teuta

Casas Riegner, Bogotá Colombia

Carlos Cruz-Diez

RGR+ART, Valencia Venezuela

Carmen Argote

Instituto de Visión , Bogotá Colombia

Clemencia Echeverri

Galería Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo, Brasil

Miler Lagos

Max Estrella, Madrid España

Silvia Rivas

Rolf Art, Buenos Aires Argentina
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