Carmen Argote


Carmen Argote
Place On-Fold, 2017
Eight hand-painted muslin fabrics
7,3 x 7,3 m each

Place On-Fold, 2016-2018 (Instituto de Visión - Bogotá, Colombia) by Carmen Argote (Mexico) is an installation composed of very fine clothing and pieces of muslin fabric that hang from a height of seven meters to the floor, and whose patterns are inspired by the photo archives of the Jardín de las Esculturas in Mexico. This work is the result of a series of previous actions in which the artist has cut the pieces that are now sewn to make the garments. For Argote, the cultural mixture of the indigenous with the Spanish materializes the idea of ​​the Mexican identity, and the action represents a movement between classes and a metaphor of miscegenation.

Instituto de Visión

Bogotá, Colombia

Carrera 23 No. 76 - 74
Zip. 111211
Tel. (57 1) 322 6703

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