Clemencia Echeverri


(Winner of the Premio Oma al Arte 2017)
Video monocanal, sonido 3D - 12 canales (10.2)
10'00" loop

The artist Clemencia Echeverri (Colombia), winner of the Premio OMA al Arte 2017, presents Elegía, 2018 (Galería Eduardo Fernandes - São Paulo, Brazil), a video installation that refers to memory, conflict and bodies forcibly forgotten by violence. The work confronts the viewer with an oppressive experience accentuated by the sound of the night, the murmurs and the machines that throw objects to the bottom of the earth.

Galería Eduardo Fernandes

São Paulo,, Brasil

Rua Harmonia 145, Vila Madalena
Zip. 05435-000
Tel. (55 11) 3812 3894

Español Link Clemencia Echeverri - ARTBO - Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá