The museum is an institution that has been re-evaluated and questioned from different contemporary art practices, which have in common institutional critiques and instituent practices that work as strategies for action and rupture. Artists and groups occupy, transform and adapt the idea of the museum to their own scale, made visible through actions and micropolitical narratives.

Challenges to the institution may have to do with our colonial past and the heritage that the museum brings, with its position between the market and history, and its role in the preservation of heritage that articulates an official historical discourse of the nation state.

The fissures that are revealed beneath the questions generated by these reflections cause a series of changes within the structure of the museum, making possible the appropriation and participation of the public in formats that can generate other contingent narratives in new technologies, economies, politics and specific time frames.

One of the effects that this entails has been reflected in the emergence of education departments, schools of guides and a strong theorizing about the role of mediation in the presentation of art. M.U.S.E.O is a space whose dynamics do not revolve around hegemonic discourses, or the contemplation of objects, or the hierarchy of roles between producers and consumers. Rather its dynamics revolve around the action and intervention of those who visit and temporally compose, those who truly give it meaning; returning to the public a self-agency in the production of the chain of meaning and value.

Each department has proposed a space for the development of different activities divided into open activities and workshops to be developed according to a set schedule. In what follows each of the departments, as well as the stations and the workshops that make up M.U.S.E.O, will be described:

  • Department of Savage Post-Colonialism
  • Department of International Relations and Fetishes
  • Department of Distraction
  • Mobile Department of Distribution
  • Department of Critical Mediation





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