The Articularte section proposes to make a creation and training space that transcends conventional pedagogical formats. The main objective of NC-arte is aligned with this intention. This section is a unique opportunity to bring the public closer to understand an artistic practice that goes beyond the artwork and expands in the creative idea. In the last versions of this section, there has been an emphasis on the creating process, on the museum foundation as a part of the collective imagination of artistic appropriation, and in the art market and its functioning.

For this year, NC-arte proposes a pedagogical curatorship called L.E.P Laboratorio de Experiencias Públicas that puts the creative thinking as a ubiquitous and cross element that goes to all the spaces and levels in the Fair. The initial question arises from how-where-when-what-who about creative thinking in ARTBO; it goes through three interconnected universes during the event: the public as a creator, Bogotá as an artistic circuit and the Fair as a stage of art. Those three worlds could be explored in the Fair through five approaches: space, role, artistic thinking, networking, and process. Every single approach is a starting point from a stage, but they are cross-sectional to the different proposed laboratories.

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