La oficina del doctor


About the Publisher

Physical and conceptual space dedicated entirely to books. Catalogs, artist’s books, and special editions such as lithographs or posters, as well as works inspired by or with a special connection with books have a place in this new space located inside Casas Riegner. They can exhibit the project of an artist which soon will become a book, or a project that will recreate through publications an exhibition taking place in other countries; a project that organizes talks or the launching of a new publication.

The only path is the one where their passion for books takes them. La Oficina del Doctor is also a publishing company, presenting works published over the years, including: Conversaciones en Colombia, by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Señales by Adolfo Bernal; Cuaderno de ejercicios para un espía by Luis Roldán; SOY BOGOTÁ and the last book of Abstracción Textil.

Feria ARTBO 2019

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