Referentes explores works of art that shifted paradigms and contributed to shape art history, thus becoming references for contemporary art. These works —selected from the archives of galleries participating in the Principal and Proyectos sections— will be exhibited in a curated show. Referentes offers the audience a historical context that facilitates a broader outlook on pieces and artists showcased in other sections of ARTBO | Fair. This year, the section will be curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen, Director of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin).

For the 15th edition of ARTBO | Fair, Referentes will solely concentrate on Colombia, specifically on its social fabric. The section will explore the informal channels that expose the various networks between locally based artists, authors, musicians, performers, researchers and other creative producers. These peer-to-peer, student-to-teacher networks present a narrative of how various national art canons can be built while simultaneously revealing their fragility. Referentes will attempt to map Colombia’s artistic community through personal anecdotes, references and inspirations.

For this edition, Referentes’ starting point follows the artists’ inspiration, whether it is an artist, an artwork, a piece of music or literature. In such way, a different and deeply personal network will be exposed by presenting the often-unknown aspects of creative production and its process. Galleries participating in the Principal and Proyectos sections will be able to nominate works from artists in their program that they consider a reference for contemporary art in Colombia, not only for the impact of their artistic practice but for their dialogue and involvement with their artistic community and other generations of artists. The galleries will nominate artists among specific ranges of age.

On display will be an array of objects, films and artworks, in an open and transparent design. The idea is that in an almost Lina Bo Bardi type of set up, the visitors can experience the cacophony of references while simultaneously being able to concentrate on each single entry.

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