Recommended works of ARTBO | Temporada by Camila Yunes (founder of KURA, São Paulo)


Camila Yunes (founder of KURA, São Paulo) shares with us eight works from Desborde Galería, Casas Riegner, Espacio El Dorado, FORO.SPACE, Instituto de Visión and SKETCH, in which she highlights the relation between shapes, bodies, objects, and space.

Desborde Galería seeks to ensure that the exhibited works reflect a critical view of the sociopolitical situations that influence the contemporary world; Casas Riegner promotes stablished and emerging artists who have influenced the development of the national art scene; Espacio El Dorado, with a historical research approach, encourages a critical reading of the exhibited projects; FORO.SPACE represents Latin American established and emerging artists, whose practice reflects on the different dimensions of the social subject; Instituto de Visión focuses on conceptual practices and the research of artistic discourses ignored by the History of art; and SKETCH specializes in contemporary art with a particular interest in drawing and installation.

What interests me is how shapes, bodies and objects occupy the space being twodimensional or threedimensional and how their relationship changes. I can see a direct dialogue between the works of Miguel Ángel Rojas and Luis Roldán, two similar forms that occupy the space in such different ways. The work of Leyla Cárdenas, which invites you to imagine a scenario in an abstract way as opposed to Beatriz González. Andrés Matías Pinilla invites you to build an imaginary path, while Mazenett Quiroga brings patterns to nature, patterns that sometimes we forget exist, but that are the source of everything. Tania Candiani occupies the space not with the body (even though is there), but with something we can’t see yet we can hear, and Juan Betancurth provokes us with the representation of the body in front of the mirror.

Camila Yunes


Miguel Ángel Rojas
Unas de cal, otras de arena, 2016
Plaster and gold leaf
Variable dimensions
COP 12.000.000
Desborde Galería


Luis Roldán
Untitled, from the series "Pasado ficticio", 1989
Oil panting on linen
183 x 366 cm
COP 133.000.000
Casas Riegner


Leyla Cárdenas
Boceto para una estratigrafía invertida, 2020
Fine art inkjet pigment print, restored wallpapers, plaster casts
Variable dimensions
COP 19.000.000
Casas Riegner


Beatriz González
Decoración de interiores, 1981
Color screen printing on fabric
240 x 340 cm
COP 456.000.000
Espacio El Dorado


Andrés Matías Pinilla
Mapa laberinto #3, 2016
50 x 69 cm
COP 12.500.000


Mazenett Quiroga
Selva Intervenida II, 2018
Digital print and gold leaf
125 x 86 cm
Instituto de Visión

*To learn more about the price and availability of the work, please contact the gallery


Tania Candiani
Language as Sound, 2014
Single-channel video. Color and sound
Instituto de Visión

*To learn more about the price and availability of the work, please contact the gallery


Juan Betancurth
Nydia, 2012
Polaroid Print
13 x 10 cm
COP 11.400.000

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