Recommended works of ARTBO | Temporada by Catalina Acosta (Director of Collection Management and Special Projects at sokoloff + associates, New York)


In order to bring the public closer to the participating galleries of ARTBO | Temporada, which can be found on the digital platform of this initiative, we invited some curators and advisors who participated in the Foro section to share with us their selection of recommended works.

On this occasion, Catalina Acosta (Director of Collection Management and Special Projects at sokoloff + associates, New York) recommends seven works that are related to different historical moments of Colombian art, from the 1950s to the present; pieces that are part of the artistic proposals of Galería Espacio Continuo, Nueveochenta, Espacio El Dorado, Casas Riegner, Casa Hoffmann and SGR Galería.

Galería Espacio Continuo is interested in exploring the continuity of modernity in current artistic practices; Nueveochenta, on the other hand, is mainly dedicated to the dissemination of Latin American contemporary art; Espacio El Dorado has a line of historical research and encourages a critical reading of the projects exhibited; Casas Riegner promotes emerging and established artists who have influenced the development of the national art scene, and invites artists and curators from other countries; Casa Hoffmann is dedicated to producing research in contemporary art; and SGR Galería promotes and disseminates Latin American contemporary art.

This selection takes a brief journey through Colombian art history since the beginnings of abstract art in the 1950s: An Alejandro Obregón from 1953, where his flirtation with European abstract art and his search for a more tropical language are evident; a work by Carlos Rojas—one of the first exponents of geometric abstraction in Colombia—with a painting from 1968 from the series "Pueblos"; an example of abstract art from the 1970s, a painting by Ana Mercedes Hoyos from 1978; and a very large work by Luis Roldán from 1989—an example of his early work. Then, in a time warp, I focus on the recent production of Colombian artists, in which the search for new languages and discourses can be observed: an installation by Alba Triana (2019), who stands out for her sound and electromagnetic explorations; a screenprint by Julieth Morales (2019)—Misak artist who works on the history and knowledge of her community; and, finally, Un poco de historia (2020), a work by Santiago Pinyol who explores the replicability of art masterpieces and the way we address these works through discourse and not through the material

Catalina Acosta


Alejandro Obregón
El unicornio, 1953
Oil on Wood
34.5 x 18 cm
COP 105.000.000
Galería Espacio Continuo


Carlos Rojas
Untitled, from de series “Pueblos”, 1968
Acrílico sobre tela
100 x 100 cm

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Ana Mercedes Hoyos
Ventana, 1978
Oil on canvas
64 x 64 x 5 cm
COP 190.000.000
Espacio El Dorado


Luis Roldán
Untitled, from the series "Pasado ficticio", 1989
Oil panting on linen
183 x 366 cm
COP 133.000.000
Casas Riegner


Alba Triana
Delirious Fields. Quintet (Campos delirantes. Quinteto), 2019
Assembly of spheres suspended in variable electromagnetic fields. Series 2/2+pa
Variable dimensions
COP 45.000.000
Casa Hoffmann


Julieth Morales
Untitled, from the series “Recuperar la tierra para recuperarlo todo”, 2019
Screen printing on Misak female shawl
180 x 44 cm
COP 5.700.000
Espacio El Dorado


Santiago Pinyol
Un poco de historia, 2020
Enamel painting on glass
120 x 168 cm
COP 10.000.000
SGR Galería

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