The Programa ARTBO promotes the circulation and professionalization of new talents in art and design in Bogotá. With this vision the program is developed throughout the year in three rooms located in Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce  business centers of Kennedy, Chapinero and Salitre. Each showroom has a particular focus and a differentiated program.

  • Sala Kennedy: showcase for projects with a social and community-based nature and a tutor-training program aimed at self-taught artists. ARTBO seeks to make this a reference place for the art scene in the south of the city.
  • Sala Chapinero: showcase for contemporary art with a special focus on generating reflections on the economic, social and cultural issues of Bogotá. Programa ARTBO seeks to make this a point of reference for young artists in the city. In this program, Ciclo PRISMA stands out by calling for curators to produce exhibitions about emerging art.
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