The Chamber of Commerce created in 2011 the ARTBO Tutor in order to identify, bring together, educate, and support the artists from the south of Bogotá. Programa Tutor provides spaces for dialogue and art education for self-taught artists and/or professionals of all ages and puts into circulation their work in a series of exhibitions: Diaporama (Marathon in the auditorium of sede Chapinero), Panorama (in sala Kennedy) and Plataforma (in sala Chapinero). This process, equivalent to an artistic clinic, enables the optimization of their practices and creates an active and effective network of artists who interact and co-construct new dynamics in southern Bogotá. To date, 169 artists from seven locations have participated, of which 32% are women and 68% men, half professionals and half self-taught artists.

3.a promoción

Panorama 3 – Promoción Programa Tutor 2014.

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