ARTBO Kennedy

ARTBO Tutor began in 2011 in Kennedy’s headquarters of Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce, as a program that aims to establish itself as a space where artistic practices of the communities located in southern Bogotá become visible. We identify, bring together and educate a new and diverse generation of artists, whether they are self-trained or professionals, through theoretical and practical advice and conducting a series of exhibitions. To date 143 artists have participated from seven locations in southern Bogotá, of which 46 are women (32%) and 97 men (68%).

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  • Address: Avenida Carrera 68 nro. 30-15 Sur, piso 2
  • Phone: (57) 1 383 0300 ext.: 2626
  • Email:
  • City: Bogotá (Bogotá D.C.), Colombia
  • Schedule:

    Lunes a sábado de 8:00 a. m. a 7:00 p. m.

Exhibitions at the headquarters

Exposición: Exhibition: “Situación de un cuerpo que se mantiene sin caer” September 24, 2016

24 September 2016

Four artists (Juliana Góngora, Marcela Calderón, Nicolás Williamson and Snyder Moreno) reflect upon the dreaminess, contact, fragility and physicality of matter, in a constant dialogue with the possibilities offered by the architecture of the room.

Curators: Snyder Moreno, Marcela Calderon

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Exposición: Exhibition: “INFLEXIONES” virar en el camino

02 July 2016

An exhibition to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the foundation of the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Curators: Gloria Merino y David Lozano

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Exposición: Exhibition: CULTIVO

07 May 2016

Exhibition with the coordination and participation of Techotiba Reservoir of Seeds, a work led by the seed custodian Luis Eduardo Tiboche.

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