Dayana Camacho Rodríguez


Cataclismo, 2021
Video-installation and watercolor paintings


In Latin: cataclysmus, and in (Greek: κατακλυσμός [kataklysmós]  from κατά "down" + κλύζω "to wet", that is, "flood".


The artist lived in the Floralia neighborhood, located north of the city of Cali, which continually suffered from flooding. In her research process, she learned that once upon a time the entire area had been a large lake and therefore the soil was unstable; the neighborhood was built right where the Cali River meets the Cauca River.

This work consists of a video installation with household objects fleeing an apparent flood and climbing to avoid getting wet. One of the videos includes interviews with residents of this sector, stories of their arrival to the neighborhood and about the floods.

When the artist began working on Cataclismo, she had a feeling of uncertainty derived from the pandemic and the political movements that at that time began to explode throughout the country: «I somehow felt that all these elements were related to each other» says the artist.

She started collecting images of river overflows, of people walking in water up to their necks, of animals in cages trapped by the flood and she felt that somehow all those emotions were contained in these symbols and visual elements.

, Colombia

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