Jenniffer Ávila Jordán


Mandatos de la abuela agua, 2020
Posters and video documenting a process.

This work, preferably called Mandato, is the result of a long-term collective, spiritual undertaking from the practices taught by the original peoples; therefore, it is beyond the conventional product of a work of art. It is a process born from the 1st Andean Ceremonial Race in Union for Water and the Continental Race that fulfills the Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle in Abya Yala.

It consisted of a journey along the Funza River, lighting the fire and inviting processes that, like ours, have their own journeys to recover and revitalize sources, tributaries and wetlands; in sum, of Grandmother Water.

It is an inheritance of more than 11 years walking with elders from the Mɵrɵpikmera, The'walas and Yachakuna del Cauca peoples, who command the Waters and are themselves Water.

The Mandates are illustrated medicine to heal the multiple wounds that patriarchal colonialism imposes on women and the city, as well as the senses and meanings of femininity, its place, it's time, symbols and ways. They are illustrations of women, of the femininity of water and its practical political-environmental dimension from the very ways in which women – and water – flow, resist and are the foundation of life.

The ancestry practiced here is the invisible but present shoulder of the Mandates, it is living in the present what the imaginary of the civilization that destroyed the planet in less than a century sent to the past. This temporal and cultural racialization is what makes it impossible for us to see that the sciences, technologies and ancestral practices of the original peoples are the environmental, ecological and harmonic future of the planet and, therefore, are more valid than ever.

, Colombia

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