Miguel Angel Escobar Ramos


Una Imagen de una Fachada, 2020
Looping video

Una Imagen de una Fachada is an exercise in dissecting a frame from the film Blow (2001). In this process, the landscape of the image becomes one composed of fragile objects, without volume, without weight, or interior. This appearance refers to the space of the film set, as well as the concept of an architectural façade. As the camera travels through the dissected space, framing the already isolated visual elements, a voice-over points out possible relationships between the elements and geographic locations. Some elements visually correspond to multiple descriptions, so it can be difficult to know what or who is being represented by them.

Most of the time the elements are seen as isolated objects arbitrarily arranged in the same space. However, there are times when perspective reveals the original composition, albeit fleetingly. The moments when all the little bits of image fit together again make me remember how, when I started the work, what I tried to do was a reconstruction of the film set. What I wanted was to arrange each object in space to have a general overview.

Since the original image is two-dimensional, what is behind each visible object is not recorded, so what my reconstruction did was to break the image into little pieces.

, Colombia

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