Paula Solarte Espinosa


Testimonios, 2020 - 2021
Sculpture / Installation

After what happened, after saying good bye to them
alive and finding them empty...
We walk now looking back, looming
with tired hands at the past, reviewing with
exhausted eyes the yesterday, wanting to make again
visible what was lost.
Embedded as fingerprints on negative, small residues de
cant after contact
with the absent, and little by little they group together, so as to
call out the injustice through data and distressing phrases 
Nothing will be like before
it is a certainty
heavy as river rocks.
Nothing will be like before
it is a promise
hopeful bliss with raging teeth
like the violent torrent of a river.
Everything will be like before
it is a sentence
bittersweet, in which we try to rejoin the pieces,
to stop time, knowing what the future

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