Samuel Lasso


Sculpture, 2022


The earth has no gender, it is not our mother
she is not female, she is not cut, penetrated, burned alive
the earth is a genderless complexity
that is not going to take care of you
(it´s going to annihilate you)
Cry, cry! You reap what you sow.

A spell with tenderness for the Anthropocene, VNS Matrix, 1996.


Monster that transcends the parameters of the human, without gender, deformed, and although with organic traces, it is pure metal. In the artist's works, metal is a nod to the processes of human industrialization and a contradictory but faithful minimalist reduction to the Anthropocene...

«The earth is not our mother», says the VNS Matrix collective, when the collective mentions that «it is not cut» it can refer to the fact that it is not a resource either, two great lines of thought that debate the direction of the future in climat terms.

Standing on the threshold of the point of no return is like being neither here nor there...


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