Víctor Cerón


Estructura personal M.N.E., 2019
Installation, carving and stacking

Estructura personal M.N.E. is a work whose most remote origins are submerged within a personal context of change and self-reflection on the life of the artist to inquire about what aspects or qualities really make it up. He broadened his gaze on his own configuration, on otherness, on his family nucleus, because years ago, as a result of the loss of his father, he felt that many things were yet to be understood, and lived.

The affinity with the inhabited space grew and also with the poetic and plasticity of rubble: in its nature of having been part of a construction, he perceived that it was a fragment, a vestige of palpable reality, a metaphor for the room and the house: the human, as a structure made up of from fragments of reality, of their personal lived/shared/inhabited experiences. These reflections prompted him to generate a sculpture based on the view that his mother —who is his pillar and reference point—, Mirian Narváez Erazo (M.N.E.) had on this subject, to later dare to delve into the lives of other people.

The concept of Estructura personal is embodied by combining the material with the symbolic: the skin of the material is carved with the story-drawings of the inhabited spaces.

, Colombia

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