Yeraldin Rosero Vallejo


Animal civilizado
Performance and video-performance, 2021

Animal civilizado is an interview that anecdotally recounts the life project of an artist who enters the academic world, supported by notions about animals and art from different philosophical, artistic and curatorial theories, creating a synthesis of academic-artistic life and the methodological processes for the realization of plastic works in reference to animals. Here is a selection of different excerpts from the interview:


If I had stubbornly clung to my origins, to my youthful emotions, it would have been impossible for me to fulfill what I have fulfilled... and well, I started university, and as time passed I imposed one thing on myself, it was to deny myself all obstinacy



I felt at that time as (an ignorant) with academic words, on the other hand I can say that I am not in a cage but an artistic box, which is about an academic domestication and a process of interiorizing that box, trying not to let instinct emerge and reach a pedagogical learning of my teachers, of my academics, managing to see that they are a mirror of my past since:

All educational spaces are also structured as boxes from which one learns to get out and learns to imitate in order to get out, that exit does not occur without violence, and one leaves a box to enter more sophisticated boxes.


, Colombia

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