Global South? Global Majority?

In times of virtual hyperconnectivity, but also of a high reduction in post-COVID international travel, the relationship among the art world between regions is in tension and conflict against artistic production and art consumption mechanisms.

In this context, Latin American art continues to try to connect with hegemonic centers of cultural production at a very high cost and often unfeasible for the socioeconomic scale of the region. Questioning the validation system imposed by the art market, which forces these dynamics, would allow us to discover other means of international validation: those that derive from long-term significant and relevant connections, and that suppose the development of the intangible social value.

Saturday, October 29
2:00 p. m. - 3:00 p. m. 
Corferias (Avenida La Esperanza with Carrera 39)
Free admission


Benedicta Badia (Argentina and Estados Unidos)



Art advocate and avid art collector who has developed a personal collecting method that she uses as an excuse to understand cultural production’s role in transforming collective thought. Her studies in Human and Social Sciences, Museum Studies, training in creative processes, group dynamics, self awareness and multi-sensory approach guide her as she engages with contemporary art professionals that challenge political and socio-economic status quo, stereotypes, privilege, gender roles and aesthetics givens. She has lived in Puerto Rico, Mexico and United States.


Diana Campbell Betancourt



Diana Campbell Betancourt is a Princeton educated American curator who has been working in South and Southeast Asia since 2010, primarily in India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. She is committed to fostering a transnational art world, and her plural and long-range vision addresses the concerns of underrepresented regions and artists alongside the more established in manifold forums. Since 2013, she has served as the Founding Artistic Director of Dhaka-based Samdani Art Foundation, Bangladesh and Chief Curator of the Dhaka Art Summit, leading the critically acclaimed 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020 editions.


Cosmin Costinaș



Artistic director of the fourth Kathmandu Triennale 2077 (2022) and co-curator of the 24th Sydney Biennale (2024).

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