Leonel Castañeda

Leonel Castañeda - Teratopedia

Leonel Castañeda
Title: Teratopedia
Gallery: Espacio El Dorado

Teratopedia, the work of Leonel Castañeda, embodies the power of the vulnerable from the voluptuous possibility of its transformation. It is made up of a growing set of pieces, works and media, which expresses material harmonies and symbolic correspondences. With this mutable articulation, he establishes dialogues, plastic and temporal, where the erotic and the pathological, the norm and the ambiguous diversity, coexist in the strategies of making (oneself) a body. Bringing the distant closer, arranging elements from connections of meaning, generates visceral emotions and moving reactions.

Teratopedia. Corpus dislocado

Multiple devices deriving from a careful systematic search and random findings. Corpus of counter forms used to intervene bodies, modify them, arm them by imposing a sustained position. That which hides under clothing: bound splints melt into flesh and bone; garter belt, strap, knot, velcro, embedded aluminum strip, wood, plaster, bonded fabric, thermoformed plastic. Silicone and leather. The marrow sprouts on the skin: trace of injury, evident absence, wound, graft, scar, reminiscent of the weight of injured flesh.

The installation shows the ways of walking, limping and heeling through life, as dynamics of the intervened bodies to assume the circumstances of their future. This is a corpus that articulates, as a joint, elbow, knee, an arbitrary and sensitive taxonomy of objects, pieces and traces with those it represents.

Espacio El Dorado

, Colombia

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