Juliana Góngora

Juliana Góngora - ​​​​​​​Earth Weave

Earth Weave, 2023
Earth weave, fique (a plant fiber), red clay, molasses, sand, lime, cassava starch, and ferrous oxide, carved yucca combs on the tips

The Planting: We cut the fique plant into branches and unravel it on a surface. Soon, we have a bed of interwoven strands that we moisten and cover with a mixture of earth, red clay, and molasses.

In the following weeks, we continue to tend to the soil, helping to fill pores, repairing cracks, thickening the skin, transitioning from clay and sand to lime.

The Sowing: We prepare the rows by cleaning the soil, the seed fabric that will heal the mind. Painted with cassava starch and ferrous oxide, each seed, arranged in order and with intention, will yield sweetness. While we await the harvest, we comb the earth with yucca combs.

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Bogotá, Colombia

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