Sitio 2021: Natural environments, social projects

To insert artistic devices that strategically integrate to a natural or urban environment requires, neces-sarily, to dismantle the traditional structures in which exhibitions are produced and, with it, to relocate the original elements and references within a charged context. To activate a work in a specific social space, to move a piece to a context marked by a landscape (whether green or gray), involves dislocat-ing the dynamic of our world to see it from a new perspective.


Patrick Charpenel (Director, El Museo del Barrio, New York)

Nicolás Paris (Artist, Bogotá)

Daniela Serna (Artist, Medellín)

Freddy Alzate (Artist, Medellín)

Silvana Roiter (Sara Modiano Foundation for the Arts, Bogotá)

Salón Pérez, Parque el Chicó


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