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This is an editorial exhibition that explores the role of the Artist's Book in the contemporary publishing market, which now serves as the intersection between digital and print media.
For a long time, the printed book was the primary means of disseminating works of art. However, this often referred to the content within the book, not the book as an object itself. With the advent of the internet and the digital world, two significant shifts occurred. First, the notion of what constitutes a work of art expanded, and second, the possibilities for distribution multiplied. Over time, due to the digitization of artworks, the materiality of the book acquired new relevance. The book is no longer just a medium for disseminating works of art; it can also be seen as a work of art in its own right.
This transformation of the Artist's Book, from a means of distribution to an art object in itself, raises the following question: How does the Artist's Book fit into the age of digital culture?

Curators: Caín Press
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Caín Press is an independent publishing project that emerges from the outskirts of the industry, far from the administrative or literary studios. This unique perspective has allowed them to approach their work with different methods and processes, from project management to editing, negotiation, execution, and distribution. Their approach is permeated by design and art, making them highly flexible and experimental. Their distinctive characteristic is viewing books as tools for developing projects, rather than an end in themselves. Caín Press is the publishing branch of Toquica, a design studio formed by individuals from various disciplines who contribute their diverse perspectives. Caín Press is a project by Andrés and Francisco Toquica.


Thursday, November 23

3:40 - 4:20 p. m.  
Presentation of 'No Pase' photobook by Santiago Mesa 

After several years documenting violence in Medellín, Santiago Mesa presents "No Pase", a photobook in which through images he confronts questions about violence, memory and the city, with profound texts by Gilmer Mesa, a connoisseur of the streets, their inhabitants and the pulse of the neighborhoods. Published by Raya Editorial and Mesa Estándar.

4:30 - 5:10 p. m.  
Presentation of 'DiaRio' photobook by David Fayad Sanz

The photobook "DiaRio" by David Fayad is a journey through Colombia through its rivers; I navigated them in different times and for different reasons, then without any editorial motivation, but eventually those rivers were channeled and flowed into this book that collects stories of peasants, indigenous and black people through photographs, drawings and texts. This book brings together more than 10 years of continuous travels that include the Colombian Amazon and Pacific. Published by Raya Editorial.

Friday, November 24  

3:40 - 4:20 p. m.  
Presentation of the book 'Supía Corazón Dulce de Colombia' published by Matiz Taller Editorial and Estratosfera Colectivo

Book about panela and its by-products with a social and cooperative approach. 

4:30 - 5:30 p. m.  
Launching of the photobook 'Hoja Bandera' by Ana Núñez Rodríguez, winner of the Idartes 2023 award

The photobook 'Hoja Bandera' proposes an alternative social memory to address the historical episode of the Bananeras Massacre that occurred in 1928. Through the exploration of the photographic archive of the United Fruit Company, located in Baker's library, it is put in dialogue with the testimonies collected by Carlos Arango, as well as with telegrams, documents of the time, slogans of the strikers, among others. 

Saturday, November 25 

4:30 - 5:10 p. m.  
Presentation of the editorial collection 'AñZ, Expanded Photography of Latin America', by Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo of Raya Editorial and Janeth Usma of Matiz Taller Editorial

The editorial collection AñZ, Expanded Photography of Latin America, covers a spectrum of documentary photography at the limit of language, where there is room for both conceptual and intervention and construction photography; participatory actions and performance, complementary and transmedial narratives, sculptural, musical and sensory possibilities, as well as scientific findings, experimental and technological processes, own and external archives, social networks, the Internet and the clouds. A photography that expands our understanding and that of our home: Latin America. 

5:20 - 6:00 p. m.  
Presentation of the photobook 'La inteligencia de las flores' by Nicolás Janowski, Editorial AñZ collection, Fotografía Expandida de Latinoamérica by Raya Editorial and Matiz Taller Editorial. 

Advances in terms of social policies, as well as genetic developments and their commercial derivatives, have been fundamental at the moment of socially interpreting the cannabis plant and its use. The transmedia project of visual base and mixed techniques "The intelligence of flowers" by visual artist Nicolás Janowski, reflects on the process of humanization of cannabis and, consequently, proposes a reformulation of the link with the plant through the planning of the human being. 

6:15 - 6:50 p. m.  
Presentation of the photobook 'Disparos x Disparos" by Alexa Rochi and Ivonne Alonso, published by Raya Editorial

'Disparos x Disparos' is a feminist book about the memory of the country, it arises as a personal initiative driven by the desire to tell the story of a former guerrilla and to do so through her own images as a photographer. A publication of Raya Editorial

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