The International Art Fair of Bogotá was created in 2004 by Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce in response to the growing business interest in cultural and creative industries, particularly with respect to the visual arts sector. It has grown in number and quality from 14 national and 15 international galleries in its first edition to 74 galleries in 28 locations around the world in 2016.

The International Art Fair of Bogotá operated in parallel with another program of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Artecámara (2004), a strategy that was designed as a platform to expose and train young Colombian talents, almost the only program with this focus at a national level.

The goal of Programa ARTBO is to strengthen all contemplated stages of supply and demand in the value chain of plastic arts ranging from the creation and production of projects to their circulation and commercialization through strategies developed throughout the year.

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