Línea de Formación

A line of work that traverses Programa ARTBO is education, addressing different areas throughout the year, both within the framework of the fair itself and in other settings, which ultimately seeks to deepen the relationship between art and education.

Tutor: This is an initiative that emerged in 2012 with the interest of supporting the development of the local art scene. In the last ten years, 150 self-taught artists of different ages and socioeconomic strata have taken part in this training program.

Articularte: In each edition of the fair, laboratories and workshops are designed to deepen the interaction with the public and make more people aware of contemporary art practices. Currently Programa ARTBO has an archive of art and education that it seeks to replicate in different venues throughout the city.

Mediación: An aspect of the artistic formation is mediation understood as the dialogue that develops between the public and the work of art. The International Art Fair of Bogotá, as well as other experiences offered by ARTBO are some of the scenarios in which people and organizations interested in the subject can propose their visions.

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