Diego Vergara Daza


Chacra y boñiga, 2022

Forced displacement is a problem that affects a large part of the Colombian population. It is the result of clashes between groups operating outside the law and the state. These wars have left innocent victims who had to flee their homes to save their lives. It is an unusual situation, generating a sudden change of context and of negative emotions that can lead to physical, mental and social deterioration: not being able to live on their land surrounded by the aroma of nature and its sounds, the act of caring for their livestock, their bare feet on grass and the taste of food cooked on a wood stove.

Nothing will ever be the same because they will never be the same. This experience brought them pain, sadness and irreversible changes that now hurl them towards a future untethered to the past, towards a more precarious life in a place that is alien to them. Everything they’ve been through is unbelievable. They have had to use the mattresses on their beds as bulletproof vests. The manure and mud walls that barely protect from the cold or heat are pierced by bullets coming from both sides. They wait for nightfall to run down the mountain, exposed to all kinds dangers.

, Colombia

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