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In the midst of a time full of historical conjunctures, of which we do not want to be part, utopias materialize in the form of publications, sometimes individual, sometimes collective, in which increasingly distant scenarios are recreated and proposed, each of them the more urgent.

We say that publishing is a utopia, since it is a slow business model, which entails a lot of effort and where the real utility is often found in the realm of the immaterial.

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Curators: Cain Press

Caín Press is an editorial project that was born in the sector´s periphery, far from administration or literary studies, which has given them particular expertise, since they have learned to do things based on different logics and through different processes, from project management, editing, negotiation, execution, and even distribution. These processes have been permeated by art and design, becoming quite flexible and experimental, a distinctive feature of their publishing house in which they see the book as a tool for project development and not as an end in itself. They derive from the editorial line of Toquica, a design studio made up of people from different disciplines who contribute from said differences. Caín Press is a project by Andrés and Francisco Toquica.

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