Felipe García López


Installation with ceramic pieces, 2022

Relating the concepts of nothing and everything from the incomprehensible leads me to think of the human body as a territory in a double condition: vast in its composition, with infinite forms, ducts, ramifications; and on the other hand, a fragile and hopelessly fleeting territory. These two aspects of the body synthesize the creative interests of the artist over the years, where that ambivalence leads him to review the ephemeral, the memory, the weakness.

His interest in the flow that suggest materiality inherent in the pieces as a work in motion, where the circulation of bodies in space is proposed, but also the circulation of air through these objects. He connects oxygenation as a constant change that, to a certain extent, is related to the post-pandemic; in this case, from respiratory limitations.

Additionally, oxygen is essential for the materialization of these works, which subtly suggests the presence of living pieces due to their dependence on oxygen, turning them into a kind of fragile 'ceramic organs'. Here there is a return to the human body that is inhabited from contemplation towards its unfathomable and fluctuating character, which suggests that this territory will hardly return to the way it was before.

, Colombia

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