Karen Moya


Soy explota-explota, 2020-2022
Action, video, installation

This work is a poetic guide to survival, a personal archive thought from the collective point of view that is intertwined with layers of reflections that have been scratched, drawn and written in the artist's notebooks, which she takes with her everywhere, as well as audiovisual records that she saved since 2018 about the artistic and student resistance movement ━in which she participated━ due to the collapse of the roofs of the School of Arts at the Universidad del Atlántico.

Memories from 4 years ago about the fight for the rebuilding of halls, workshops, cubicles, theater, gallery, etc. Assemblies, mobilizations, strikes, artistic actions, rights of petition, accountability requirements and dialogues. There is also evidence of political and academic aggression and persecution, in addition to corruption in public education within this University, which has been declared a subject of collective reparation due to paramilitary violence experienced since 1997.

"We are artists, not terrorists, and the ruins will not be silenced again, neither the roofs, nor the earth".

, Colombia

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