Luisa Aristizábal


Contramonumento, 2022
Intervention, column in rammed earth

The Proyecto Contramonumento is a commemorative representation that exalts rammed earth as a heritage monument. It seeks to reflect on the deterioration of the architecture of vernacular constructions, a cultural tradition that has been lost with modernity in this country.

Rammed earth consists of compacting the earth into molds that are commonly about one meter high by forty or fifty centimeters thick. Rammed earth uses molds created with some prefabricated element or wooden panels where the compacted material is added into, and through manual effort is rammed until reaching the required compaction and resistance levels.

With this project, the artist seeks to discover, or rediscover, ancestral practices, to recognize our identity, since, due to the accelerated growth of modernity, we forget the authenticity of our territ


, Colombia

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