Moisés Londoño Bernal y Tania Hernández García


Proximidad, 2022
Drawing – Installation

Proximidad presents the constant movement of an initial configuration of eight thread cylinders through space. Said movement, carried out by bodies during the time of the installation, modifies the initial drawing, generating new configurations and, therefore, new forms of space, transit and travel. Thus, the piece leaves aside the initial symmetry of the cylinders towards more organic and less rigid drawings in which the thread ceases to be a vertical line to show its materiality, engaging and entangling the other lines.

During the Fair, six different drawings will be made on the initial configuration that will try to return to the origin before giving way to the next movement. There, a constant coming and going is contemplated in configurations that, due to the materiality of the thread and the initial rigidity, will try ━without being able to do so━ to return to as they were before, generating small entanglements and subtle variations that will condition the other drawings planned for the exhibition.

, Colombia

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