Alejandro Tobón

Alejandro Tobón - La promesa

Alejandro Tobón
Title: La promesa
Gallery: La Balsa Arte

«I am not a man, I am a people», Jorge Eliecer Gaitán

La promesa is Alejandro Tobón's first exhibition at La Balsa Arte, Bogotá. Upon entering the room, the visitor finds an installation that states the word 'people', the discourse of the exhibition is built from the tension between two words and the material from which they are built: coffee tree wood produced by stumping. The exhibition deserves to be considered in the light of his previous work, which has generally been centered around wood sculptures. In it, with its fantastic constructions, a tribute is sung to the tradition of artisans, carpenters and cabinet makers who transformed their trade into art during the 19th century.

La Balsa Arte

, Colombia

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