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Carrera 23 # 76-74

Colita de rana

Colita de rana refers to the myths and traumas that are generated in childhood when pain or injury are conceived as events that lose meaning in everyday life. However, by making them invisible, they become stronger and manifest themselves in multiple and stubborn ways. This exhibition raises the possible healing relationship between painting and subjective or collective trauma.


Instituto de Visión
Beatriz López
Omayra Alvarado-Jensen
Karen Abreu
Carrera 23 # 76-74
+57 1 3226703
Cristina Camacho
La conserva, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
152 x 122 cm

Artist review

Cristina's work is a multilayered art, not only because she weaves canvas together to let us see beyond the surface and give voice to the void it conceals, but also because she is attempting to weave together the encounter and dis-encounter of language, power, and reality. Her artwork is a self-graphical gesture to name what has been expropriated from women, to name what male-dominated language concealed from the world: vulva. It is a commonplace to say that language creates and modulates reality, but sometimes we need art to understand the implications of this affirmation. If the words we have to signify the vulva are ones that deprives women to have a say in their own body, then the only way to resist this loss is by creating a language without categories to regain ownership of what has never been owned.

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