Climate Responsiblity in the Arts (Virtual Talk)

In contending with climate change, the international community faces a crisis of leadership and a lack of models for collaboration. Through the leadership of foundations and a coalition of artists, professionals and museums, during this past year, the art world has sought to respond to the urgency of climate change. The panelists here are uniquely positioned within activist organizations seeking to provide leadership as well as innovative methods for conceiving the connection of aesthetics, institutions and climate change. The talk is convened via Zoom with the goal of reducing its carbon impact.


(Siobhan Bradley, Co-Founder & Team Leader, GCC Los Angeles Chapter)

Carl Johns (Hauser & Wirth Sustainability Steering Committee, Co-Founder, GCC Los Angeles Chapter)

Laura Lupton (Co-Founder, Galleries Commit, Co-Founder, Artists Commit, Partner,, New York)

Haley Mellin, (Artist & Founder, Art for Acres, Co-Founder, Art + Climate Action, Co-Founder, MoCA EC, Los Angeles)

Moderated by: Alex Gartenfeld (Artistic Director, ICA Miami)

Virtual talk

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10:00 am - 11:00 am

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