Since 2005, the section Artecámara has presented a curated selection of young Colombian artists in the framework of the International Art Fair of Bogotá. This space has become a means through which the new generation of Colombian artists have circulated and gained visibility on a national and international level. It has also helped drive their projection in the art market. Works by the 34 selected artists will be presented digitally at ARTBO | TemporadaTemporada.

This year, three curators will participate, who have performed fundamental roles in our country’s culture and art. They are: Éricka Flórez (curator and researcher), Emiliano Valdés (Curator in chief of the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín - MAMM) and Carmen Gil Vrolijk (artist, curator and associate professor of Universidad de los Andes’ art department).

Éricka Flórez presents Un punto se desplaza en el tiempo (A Point Shifts in Time), a collection composed of works by 11 artists and 1 collective. Moreover, Emiliano Valdés proposes a meeting point with his collection, Antes de que todo sea polvo (Before Everything Becomes Dust), in which 12 artists, 1 collective and 1 independent space participate. Finally, Capturas, transducciones, composiciones (Captures, Transductions, Compositions), by Carmen Gil Vrolijk, develops a digital thread with a selection of 8 artists.


Curatorial proposals

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