Azul y Lindy Márquez Holguín


Origen del vacío, 2019

Not too long ago, when looking back towards our most recent history, we saw tragedy.

How many tragedies could our eyes bear? How many tragedies could the eyes of humanity bear?

Confusion reigns; everything changes, the sky, the horizon, the earth and mainly reality, becoming empty. Here is its darkest side: the difficulties, on the one hand, we seek to survive, adapt, find ourselves again, continue, accepting things as they are; but, on the other hand, reaching this requires faith, not to recover or rescue what was lost, but to believe that precisely in that emptiness, a new origin is concentrated, where one can be reborn...

Born into a world that is yet to exist

Origen del vacío is triggered by the archival images that have become part of our daily lives, of mud burying everything in its path 10 meters down, or trapping it on the surface.

A video is presented in which two bodies rise, sink, resist, search and try to get out of a dark and inhospitable mud that covers everything. It alludes to the Armero tragedy that plunged the country into mourning in 1985, and also to our own origins.

The projection space is intervened with mylar paper (with which thermal blankets are made, used to care for victims and to cover their bodies). In addition, it presents some holes through which the spectators can stick their heads out and encounter the video: thus, they slightly imitate the gesture that other bodies made years ago in an attempt to survive. Now they look, breathe and meet the image of a forgotten or even unknown past that seeks to project itself into the present.

Consulting, production and post-production was provided by Gabriel Jaime Gallón Hoyos and Alejandro Forero Orrego, from Gaoman films.

, Colombia

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