Camilo Pachón


Un Oburoni más (Diez años en transito), 2012-2022
Series of digital photographs

The mask as a transcultural artifact and as an ancestral technology shared by all humanity. In the artist's work, its political, community, spiritual and ritualistic dimensions are explored through his own body. In some cases he becomes a spectator looking for answers in the characters he documents; in others, he is one more of those looking at the camera and, in a trance, dance until they break down.

For 10 years, Pachón traveled the world in search of communities, celebrations, and rituals that would question his perception of reality. From there, he proposes reflections on sensitive issues, utopian futures, the relationship between the body and nature, identity, sexuality and freedom.

The mask and the carnival allow us to plunge into spiritual depths, battle demons to the death and return, victorious, transformed, reborn. For better or for worse, after the trance, everything, nothing, will ever be like before.

, Colombia

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