Felipe Alejandro Lozano Hurtado


La soledad en los tiempos de Netflix, 2019
Installation with three videos

La soledad en los tiempos de Netflix questions the impact that technological development has on affective relationships, seeking deep connections between the need for affection and notions inherent in human life, such as birth, desire and death. This project consists of three videos in YouTuber format that show:

(1) A product that promises to help overcome loneliness by simulating companionship.

(2) A service that proposes a new family model through new reproductive technologies.

(3) An organization that assists people whose desire to live has gone.

In a world of prefabricated affections, packaged and ready for sale, human company ceases to be a vital necessity to become an object of consumption. Enterprises try to meet these affective needs, offering products and services designed for an individual whose time must be optimized with alternatives that fit their individual existence. Loneliness loses its transforming power, implicit in the deep desire to transcend —cease being yourself to pour into another—, and becomes a pretext to sink into one's own ambitions and consume even more.

Although this project was carried out before the 2020 health crisis, it took on a new meaning in times of confinement. La soledad en tiempos de Netflix exposes the importance that technology has in times of physical isolation and reflects on the way in which our affections went from depending on a high level of connectivity to becoming permanently installed on our devices.

, Colombia

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