Julia Bejarano López


Entretierras / Entrechicharras, 2018-2022


Nobody can bathe twice in the same river because the human being, 
in the depths of its being, already shares the fate of the flowing water […] 
a being totally devoted to water is a being in perpetual change.

Gaston Bachelard, Water and Dreams


Thinking about the essential permanences of our vitality is fundamental if we ask ourselves if everything or nothing is going to be like before. The river is one of them, as is the song of the cicadas.

The river is a primordial element of our world. The river itself is a poetic and irreplaceable fact in both individual and collective identity. It is the place where we play, we clean ourselves, we relate, where we are born and die, where we change. It is the place from which we feed ourselves, where we lull each other, where we sing to each other, and through which we travel and is a journey in itself. In the end, the river is only one because the water of the entire planet is connected, the river always finds itself.

Cicadas were once humans who loved to sing so much that they forgot to eat and drink and, thus, they died, without realizing it, in a sonorous trance. The songs of the cicadas were then human voice, songs and words that recited a love poem, as well as the words that name, in an unstoppable drip, the rivers. The cicada produces a loud, strident and repetitive sound that, like the sound of the river, is fluid and continuous, a pulse that resembles the tireless ability of the cicada to continue singing for long periods of time.

Entretierras is the finding of a treasure: the sounds of the words that name the rivers in Colombia. Entrechicharras is the meeting of vibrations, synthetic and acoustic, of cicadas resonating in empty shells. Sounds that simultaneously create a poetic sound loop: the grasshoppers sing to the rivers, the rivers lull the grasshoppers to sleep. Rivers are words, words rivers. The cicadas are rivers and song, continuous sound.

If something in this changes or returns, it will depend on the listening itself.


, Colombia

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