Luisa Carolina Vélez Hurtado


Mirarnos, reconocernos y retratarnos entre mujeres, 2020 – 2022
Black and white film / Blueprint copy

Hiladores de Memoria, 2020 - 2022
Wet collodion / Black and white film

Just as August Sander proposed at the time to make a photographic chronicle of the man of the 20th century in Germany, with which he sought to make a collective portrait that would show all the typical archetypes of the various groups and classes in his society during one of the most complex and violent periods for Europe, this series seeks to build a landscape in continuous construction that accounts for the photographers who, in the contemporary Colombian context, have shown an interest in their praxis for social movements. People from different contexts and with different motivations, but who share the conviction that the production of images can serve to promote social change.

Likewise, the logic of studio photography: the frontality, the lighting, the pose within a closed space or a territory, makes for a homogeneity that allows in the space of representation giving everyone the same importance and relevance. Since everyone has the same role: to weave from their individuality the collective memory of the country in one of the most stark social and political situations of recent decades.

This series is a tribute not only to reporters from national and international agencies and media, but also to students, to independent photographers; in other words, to citizens committed to their social reality, who from their production gestate, make known, denounce, serve as a channel for others to speak, criticize or simply be witnesses. It is a recognition of the importance of the photographers, although it is also a call to respect their plurality.

, Colombia

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