Maira Alejandra Bertel Almario


Ponte en su piel
Intervention in public space

The pandemic gave us a more complex way of living with those with whom we thought we could do it on a daily basis, the confinement made us discover new facets of our relatives to a point where many relationships became unsustainable. 

In the case of some women, when they tried to leave these spaces, some ended up becoming victims of femicide. It is here that the work emerges as an imprint to preserve the memory of many cases of femicide that were made invisible by the pandemic. For some people, everything is already returning to normal because these realities seem to occur through a window: the first moments are impressive and then they are forgotten. However, for the children, mothers and relatives of these women who are not here today; nothing, absolutely nothing will be as before.

Ponte en su piel does not try to aestheticize the pain; on the contrary, it promulgates the affront in a body metaphorically constructed as skin that hangs on a counter to be observed, appropriate, creating empathy with what happened, impregnated with a questioning message, but at the same time, a restorative one. 

Each skin was made with real measurements of volunteer women and each skin corresponds to each of the women and trans women who were murdered in the year 2020 and February 2021 in the city of Cartagena. The skins were stitched recreating the wound suffered by the victim at the time of suffering the attack. The work was exhibited in the form of a clothing showcase in public space of said city.

It is about a double reflection that wants to be transmitted: knowing that it was a violated body, but beyond the flesh and bones, it had a life, it was someone that continues to be mourned and missed. 

The work is a sad tribute to continue questioning the systematic nature of gender violence.

, Colombia

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